Violence, Evil, Sin - the negatives
Thus Spake Nisargadatta Maharaj, Quotes from 'I am That'

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  1. Was there ever a world without troubles? Your being as a person depends on violence to others. Your very body is a battlefield, full of the dead and dying. Existence implies violence. There is little of non-violence in nature. Do you realize that, as long as you have a self to defend, you must be violent? (507)

  2. Punishment is but legalized crime. In a society built on prevention, rather than retaliation, there would be very little crime. The few exceptions will be treated medically, as an unsound mind and body. (512)

  3. Pain and pleasure, good and bad, right and wrong: these are relative terms and must not be taken absolutely. They are limited and temporary. (264)

  4. There is no evil, there is no suffering; the joy of living is paramount. Look, how everything clings to life, how dear the existence is. (384)

  5. Evil is the shadow of inattention. In the light of self-awareness it will wither and fall off. (510)

  6. The universe is perfect as a whole, and the part's striving for perfection is a way of joy. Willingly sacrify the imperfect to the perfect, and there will be no more talk about good and evil. (284)

  7. There is no good and no evil. In every concrete situation, there is only the necessary and the unnecessary. The needful is right, the needless is wrong. In my world, even what you call evil is the servant of the good and therefore necessary. It is like boils and fever that clear the body of impurities. Disease is painful, even dangerous, but if dealt with rightly, it heals. In some cases death is the best cure. (283-4)

  8. It is in the nature of all manifestation that the good and the bad follow each other and in equal measure. The true refuge is only in the unmanifested. (325)

  9. Relatively, what causes suffering is wrong; what alleviates it is right. Absolutely, what brings you back to reality is right, and what dims reality is wrong. (326)

  10. Stupidity and selfishness are the only evil. (496)

  11. To understand suffering, you must go beyond pain and pleasure. Your own desires and fears prevent you from understanding and thereby helping others. In reality there are no others, and by helping yourself you help everybody else. If you are serious about the suffering of mankind, you must perfect the only means of help you have, yourself. (383)

  12. [Sin is] all that binds you. (534)

  13. In the end you know that there is no sin, no guilt, no retribution, only life in its endless transformations. With the dissolution of the personal "I", personal suffering disappears. What remains is the great sadness of compassion, the horror of the unnecessary pain. (496)

  14. I do not know bad people, I only know myself. I see no saints nor sinners, only living beings. (503)

  15. I know no sin, nor sinner. Your distinction and valuation do not bind me. Everybody behaves according to his nature. It cannot be helped, nor need it be regretted. (503)

  16. When ignorance, the mother of sin, dissolves, destiny, the compulsion to sin again, ceases. With ignorance coming to an end, all comes to an end. Things are then seen as they are, and they are good. (503)