Nisargadatta Gita - Message of Nisargadatta Maharaj
with commentary by 'Pradeep Apte'

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The I am is the sum total of all that you perceive, its time-bound, the I am itself is an illusion, you are not the I am you are prior to it.

Since the I am is the continuous link throughout all the events in your life it quite obviously forms the sum total of all your perception. It is the very basis of your perception, no I am no perception. This I am is an illusion, for like a dream it has spontaneously appeared on you and one day it would disappear. All that appears and disappears cannot be true and since you are a witness to it you stand apart. You are not the I am but prior to it.
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This text is published with permission from Shri Pradeep Apte, the compiler of Nisargadatta Gita. Visit Pradeep's blog '' for more inspiring resources on Nisargadatta Maharaj