Thus Spake Nisargadatta Maharaj  
A reorganised version of 'I am That' arranged as quotes of Maharaj

Compiled and edited by Miguel-Angel Carrasco (Source:

  1. I am beyond body, mind and intellecte. I am that I am

  2. I am the Self, I am pure Awareness.

  3. The world exists only as a dream in my Consciousness.

  4. There is only one Self, appearing as many.

  5. I alone Am, the One, the Eternal.

  6. Many forms of the One - Manifestations of the Absolute.

  7. Self Realization and The nature of the Realized Jnani.

  8. The way to Self Realization.

  9. Why the ignorence and the illusion? What is the purpose of it all?

  10. Violence, Evil, Sin - The negatives.

  11. Karma, Effort, Progress and Destiny.

  12. Reincarnation, Death and Birth

  13. God and Religion

  14. The Real Guru

  15. Love - The expression reality

  16. Yoga and Sadhana